Joey Bada$$ – Norwegian Breakfast

De pe mixtape-ul „The Smokers Club – OIL:710„.

One thought on “Joey Bada$$ – Norwegian Breakfast

  1. Definitely go catch up on sleep!! Living in the hospital is exinsuthag. We only did it for four days or so of the 48 days of the boys’ stay when S was re-admitted to peds. As great as it was to be able to be with him full time, it was absolutely exinsuthag. Yes, once you leave you’ll be with her all the time, too, but there’s something very different about being trapped in a room while nurses come in and out every 3 hours (or more often) and machines beep and whir. I can’t count the number of times a nurse or PT or OT or doctor or speech pathologist came in while I was trying to take a 10 minute nap and I tried to act like I had just been sitting there awake the whole time (why did I do that, I don’t know). We spent one night with both of us away (all the nurses and doctors kept telling us to) and it stressed me out to leave but it was wondrous.To the other side — YAYAYAY for being so close to going home!!! I’m so incredibly excited for you!!

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